Film Synopsis

A troubled couple takes in a stray cat hoping to rebuild their marriage only to have the pregnant animal spawn evil monsters.

Mike and Anna are leftovers of the Hollywood dream; he was once a promising actor, but now has probably missed his opportunity; she was an inspiring writer that never got a break. Together, they fight the good fight…but their bond is wearing thin.

With all they have left, they buy half of a duplex…in an area far from the Hollywood Hills. The only white couple in a Latino neighborhood, they struggle to hit it off with their gang-banger neighbor, Guillermo, who shares the common wall. A welcome distraction comes as a pregnant cat crying on their doorstep. They bring her in.

The next morning she’s given birth to ten hairless kittens. Anna quickly takes to them, ignoring all else as Mike begins an awkward attempt at home improvements, resolved to build a home.

Tensions mount between him and Guillermo. Mike suspects Guillermo may be dealing drugs, or worse, and Guillermo doesn’t like Mike stirring up noise working on the house. They have a confrontation over securing the crawlspace below the house from animals. Mike tries to bond by bringing him a six-pack, but Guillermo’s a recovering alcoholic.

The kittens are growing fast. Mike wakes in the night to hear them running freely about the house. He moves them into the bedroom, and they begin burrowing into the mattress below him. They look strange, but Anna doesn’t seem to mind their odd coloration or that their hair never came in. In fact, she’s energized by them and begins writing again. The mother cat disappears.

One of the kittens bites Mike, and he’s starting to see other signs of aggressive behavior. Guillermo approaches him, accusing him of vandalizing his side of the house. Anna is lost in her new script. When not writing, she obsesses over the cats, distancing from Mike.

Mike books a big acting job. It requires him going out of town for two weeks…with his young, assertive agent, Jenny. He hesitates, but it’s big, a career-changer. Mike finds the body of the mother cat…torn to shreds. He decides to take a chance and asks Guillermo for help; would he keep an eye on his wife while he’s gone? Guillermo is shocked, but agrees. It’s a wary alliance.

Mike leaves. He tries to stay in contact with Anna via Skype, but she rarely answers, and when she does, he can see strange things in the background, including what could be Guillermo.

When Mike returns, he finds the cats now weigh 35 pounds and look nothing like he’s ever seen. Vicious, muscular, reptilian…and connected to Anna. They’ve trapped her inside the house, but she seems unwilling to leave them.

Mike and Guillermo must work together to save themselves, Anna, and not let the creatures escape. It’s a bloody task.

MOGGY CREATURES is a contained Creature Feature, intended to take advantage of the current demand for Practical FX, and the emerging Latino market. 

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Moggy Creatures Story Excerpt

“Michael?” Ana stirred.  “Are you up?”

“Yeah,” he said, quietly. “Can’t sleep.”

“Why not?” she asked, rolling over to lay an arm across his chest.

“I’m worried about the cat,” he answered.

“Don’t be,” she said, quieter.  “She’ll take care of everything.”

He let her words resonate within him for a while, but continued to stare.  He tried to relax, to think about something else…

“Michael?” she asked, beginning to wake.  “Are you clenching your fists?”

He was.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, now awake. Disturbed.  He decided to test the water.

“The cat, it stared at me.”  He waited.


“Almost the whole time you were trying to take care of it, it just…locked eyes with me.” His fists were still tight.

“Well,” she said, yawning, voice softening again, “animals communicate through behavior, energy.”  She stretched, then settled onto her back.  “She was probably just scared.”

They lay quiet. Long enough for him to hear her breathing blend with a car driving by on the street below.

“I felt like it wanted me to kill it,” he finally said, as coolly as possible.

His fists released.

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Copyright 2015 by Scott Frazelle

Short Story

A troubled couple takes in a stray cat hoping to rebuild their marriage only to have the pregnant animal spawn evil monsters.

Mike and Anna have been through the wringer. Disappointing careers, a strained marriage, more than their share of hard knocks.

Moving in to the fixer-upper is supposed to be the fresh start they’ve been looking for, but ghosts of the past still haunt them. A welcome distraction comes in the form of a stray cat…but is it really a cat?

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